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Winter Health Ideas for Children

As we are all aware, there is a national issue with childhood obesity.  Being fit however, is not just about what we eat or drink, or how we move.   It is also about how we feel.  Having the right mindset helps give us energy, helps us to be more active, and helps us to make good decisions such as what healthy foods to eat or activities to engage in.

Winter time can be dark and dreary.  We want to keep our kids active, even if the weather is not so cheery.  There are many ways to get engaged in winter activities.  These activities help to keep our heart puSnowAngelmping, our energy level up, and our kids to sleep better at night.  We all can benefit!

Some good ideas for winter activities may include:

Sledding, making snow angels, skiing

Ice skating, snowboarding, building a snowman

Ice fishing, building an igloo, snowshoeing,

Having a snowball fight!

Remember it is important to dress warmly, and limit the time outdoors if the weather is extremely cold.  Several thin layers helps to insure our children avoid hypothermia or frost bite.

If you are looking for other ideas to engage your children in winter fun and healthy eating, two good websites to visit would be:   or

On these websites you can find other great ideas for outdoor activities, as well as kid friendly recipes for healthy eating.

So get out there and have fun!  What a great way to spend family time together, all the while keeping our kids happy and healthy.

Dr. Rebecca Daniels