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Asthma is the most common chronic disease of childhood.   At Williamsville Pediatric Center we are committed to providing the latest in advance asthma care.   All of our providers are well trained in asthma care, including spirometry (lung function testing), staging, medication use, and trigger avoidance.

Asthma Educator

We have in our office a Certified Asthma Educator, as approved by the National Asthma Educators Certification Board (NAECB).    An asthma educator is an expert in teaching, educating, and counseling individuals with asthma and their families in the knowledge and skills necessary to minimize the impact of asthma on their quality of life.

The educator possesses comprehensive, current knowledge of asthma causes and management including developmental theories, cultural dimensions, the impact of chronic illness, and principles of teaching-learning.    The educator is knowledgeable about evaluations used to diagnose asthma and assess its control.    She instructs individuals with asthma on the optimal use of medications and delivery devices, particularly explaining technical concepts to individuals in language each can understand.

Finally, the asthma educator conducts thorough assessments of individuals and families to identify strengths and resources as well as negative psychological factors, the social and economic impact of asthma, educational needs, and barriers to optimal healthcare and self-management.    She works with an individual with asthma, his/her family, and other healthcare professionals to develop, implement, monitor, and revise an asthma action plan customized to the individual’s needs, environment, disease severity, and lifestyle to optimize self-management skills.

Call now for your Asthma Teaching and Review Session to optimize your child’s care!

Asthma Resources

How to use a holding chamber:

General asthma information for your child

  1. What is asthma (for kids)
  2. Symptoms of asthma (for kids)
  3. Rule of 2’s (for kids) 
  4. Triggers of asthma (for kids)
  5. How to use a nebulizer
  6. How to clean a nebulizer
  7. How to give a young child an inhaler