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Williamsville Pediatric Center is a full service medical care provider. We support new and experienced parents in a variety of ways. We offer free prenatal consultations and welcome parents to visit our office to meet our doctors and staff.

What to expect from our office

Williamsville Pediatric Center

  • Welcoming smiles as you come into the office from our staff!
  • AAP recommended schedule of Well Child Checks.
    • First visit at 1-2 weeks of age
    • Every 2 months for the first six months (2, 4, 6 mo visits)
    • Every 3 months from age 9 months to 18 months
    • Every 6 months from 18 months until 3 years of age
    • Visits are yearly thereafter
  • Lactation consultations - Our Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Lactation Consultants can meet with new parents to answer questions related to breastfeeding
  • Same day sick appointments
  • Night time and weekend availability
  • A comfortable environment to ask ALL questions of experienced health care providers who are also parents like you
  • Vaccinations for your child in accordance with AAP and ACIP reccomendations, and a non-threatening setting in which to have your vaccine questions answered
  • Collaborating with schools and learning psychologists to diagnose and manage a variety of learning and school-related problems
  • Close relationships with the rich network of pediatric specialists in the area.
  • Advanced care for chronic pediatric conditions such as asthma and obesity

Links to valuable information for new parents

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